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FAQ's - Brexit

Q.  Does this mean if I am a non-UK customer we now place orders with a new supplier ?

A.  No.  You will place orders and trade with C-Pro Direct exactly as you do now.

Q.  What is the relationship between C-Pro Direct UK and C-Pro Direct in Ireland ?

A.  C-Pro Direct in Ireland is a wholly owned subsidiary of C-Pro Direct and has a common set of Directors and Management.  C-Pro Direct in Ireland is essentially a warehouse and despatch facility.

Q.  Will there be any delays or changes to costs ?

A.  No.  We will continue to use the same DHL service as we do in the UK for the majority of orders.  There will be no changes to cost or reduction in service.  Acquiring a substantial building in Ireland means we can hold more stock and process orders more efficiently.     

Q.  What if I prefer to trade in Euros, is this an option ?

A.   Yes.  C-Pro Direct is now both a UK and Irish company.  If you wish to switch to a Euro account please contact our sales support staff.

Q.   Will shipments from Ireland be compliant with EU law post Brexit ?

A.    Yes.  Our braces are and will remain Class 1 devices under EU law post Brexit.  Currently, they are registered with and regulated by the UK governing body (the Medicines and Healthcare Products Agency or MHRA).  This means we comply with EU law and are able to attach a CE mark.  C-Pro Direct and our Class 1 medical devices are also registered with the Irish Governing Body (the Health Products Regulatory Authority or HPRA).  This means, even following a hard Brexit, we are authorised to import our products into the EU and distribute them freely within the EU.        

Q.   Will C-Pro Direct comply with UK Conformity Assessment Regulations following Brexit ?

A.    Yes.  Following Brexit of any kind the UK regulators will honour our current MHRA registration.  This means in addition to carrying  the CE mark our products will also carry the new UKCA mark.

Q.    What happens if Brexit is cancelled ?

A.   C-Pro Direct has invested in a state of the art facility in Ireland and we are commited to using Ireland as our despatch facility for all our Non-UK orders regardless of what happens with Brexit.

Q.   Why Ireland ?

A.    The Directors of C-Pro Direct (Stella & Philip Morris) are both dual nationals and carry UK and Irish passports.  C-Pro Direct is and  remains proud to be part of the EU.