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Important Information For Parents/Guardians:

Please note you will need to email a copy of communication such as prescription or letter from your medical professional who will fit and monitor the ADM to to support the purchase within 5 working days after placing the order, otherwise your order will be rejected and refunded.

Pair of Abduction Dorsiflexion Mechanisms with ADM Sandals (Non-Ambulatory)


Please note: If we do not have pink in stock, blue will be sent in its place.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you are a parent, you can place an order with us directly for an ADM but must email with a copy of communication such as prescription or letter from your medical professional who will fit and monitor the ADM,  supporting the purchase.  If we do not receive the communication within 5 working days the order will be rejected and the payment refunded.

If your child is already wearing the ADM you should let us know in the comments section.

We will contact any medical professional using the ADM for the first time to offer advice on fitting and ADM training so please provide us with their contact details in the communication.

A pair of Abduction Dorsiflexion Mechanisms and detachable Sandals for use by children with corrected Clubfeet to prevent relapse.

Please provide actual foot sizes – growing room is provided for.

It is recommended that the ADM is used with correctly sized smooth fitting socks made from a breathable fabric. The Black Robin double-layered socks are available in many sizes for children. For ease of use the sandals are supplied with buckles on the inside.

Non-Ambulatory ADMs and sandals are for night time wear only. They have a rigid footplate, which is not designed for walking or running. They may be used for gentle walking around the house prior to bed or nap time and do not need to be removed to walk to the bathroom at night. Active play or running in night-time ADMs may result in accidents or damage. DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN WEARING NIGHT ADM TO RUN OR ENGAGE IN ACTIVE PLAY.

Ambulatory ADMs for Daytime use are available if required.

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